Crazy seo idea for link to it with “olympics” as the anchor text.


Half of you (which would be 2 of you) don’t know what that means…but I just found a post about using SEO (search engine optimization) powers for good, and I thought it was a pretty sweet idea.  So here is the deal:

If you post a link to a site, you have to have “anchor” text–this is the text that you actually click on.  For instance: really awesome guy.  You’ll notice that clicking on the text “really awesome guy” takes you right back to my homepage–which is probably where you were anyway.

One of the ways that search engines bots try to figure out what sites are about is by looking at the anchor text from links going to that site…so I just gave google a clue, that is about “really awesome guy.” (I will laugh so hard if I end up ranking for that search term).

OK…enough with the lesson, what Stephan Spencer was suggesting in the above mentioned blog post was that we get the site, ranking high for the keyword “olympics.”  How do we do it?  I just did it.  We put links to that site using the word olympics.

So how do you do that?  If you have a blog, try adding it to your blogroll (see the link on mine to the right?).  You are probably using some sort of editor which lets you make links (the button on mine looks like three chain links–“linked” together).  But if you are not, you can copy and paste this html code into your site (this is handy for myspace, and other sites that don’t have html formatting helpers).

<a title=”olympics” href=””>olympics</a>

See?  That isn’t so hard is it?  Ok…go on now–free tibet everyone!  We only have a couple weeks till the big games, so we need to get crackin.

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