I might just be endorsing a Microsoft product?!?!?

Ok, so if you know me very well, you know that I don’t generally like “Big Computer” (aka Microsoft) and its products.  I would rather not have to restart my PC 5 times a day, and I also don’t like paying large sums of money for software that is available elsewhere open-source style.  Plus…from my limited knowledge of web design, servers, and Content Management Systems…Big Comp. is just plain annoying to try to work with (ASP?  Please!).  So I’m a mac fan, an open source fan, and a bit of a linux geek too.

BUT…as you know part of my job  at  5 Alarm Music, is to manage and edit the blog (plus I write here, and on rockworms every now and then).  We’re using WordPress, which I would give a B+ because it’s simple, easy to use, and generally very bug-free (except for line breaks–geez I hate that I can’t get hard line breaks!).

However, even I don’t enjoy having to log on and use the WSIWYG editor within wordpress.  It’s decent, but not great, and even though it autosaves every few minutes, if I loose Internet connection while writing, I risk loosing my post!

Mkay…so to quit rambling,  and get to the point: this morning I read a post from a new blogger I’m reading (he writes about communications and IT in churches!), and he promoted Windows Live Writer.  It’s really pretty nice!  I can draft posts offline, and the editor is truly  WSIWYG, because it analyzes the style from my blog, and emulates it; so my posts actually look just like they will once they’re published.

Well Big Computer, you may have won this battle, but you haven’t won the war (for my heart)…yet!

PS Whatever happened to Microsoft Buying Yahoo! anyway?

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