I think I’ll write a book.

I’ve always said…that if I were to publish a book, I would publish it as “C. Lawton Key” because I think that sounds much more smartie-pants than “Craig Key.”  I could go for the full thing “Craig Lawton Key,” but that makes me feel like I’m in trouble or something [in a mother’s yelling voice] “CRAIG LAWTON KEY!”

While rambling through flickr this morning I saw a promotion for Blurb.com – “Real Books Made By You”.   I love finding new companies online that make me go “wow–I want that!” and this is definitely one of them!  High quality books that look great (at least on their site they do), at decent prices (low end about $13–high end about $60).  My friends are wedding photographers, I wonder if they know about it yet?

"blurb 1" by crowderb on flickrAnyway, until now I hadn’t given much thought to what I would write about…because I thought I would need to be all kinds of expert on one subject, or another (which, FYI: I am not).  But now it seems, that just like other media outlets which allow untalented nobodies to publish their content to the world, we nobodies now have a book publishing platform too!  I really have no idea what the book will be about… the production music biz?  My never ending struggle to conquer google?  Maybe I’ll condense my anatomy of the relationship between the church and the arts?

It really made me want to think of something intelligent and say it.  So I have decided to take pre-orders now!  Who wants to read my not-yet-existent, not-yet-topical, possibly mediocre book?  And guess what…if I get 10 (count ’em) orders, I will pay for half your book– (I think I’ll go for the standard landscape model with a dust cover), so it will cost us each $15.  I will promise to work hard on it, and say something that I think is really important…even though I don’t know what that is yet.

Preorders are now OPEN in the comments section:

PS Less than 10 people read this blog…which means 10 books will be HUGE.

PPS  I have no time frame for when my book will be finished.  So don’t ask.  But you can pay me after you get it.

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