Do you own your name’s search results?

Note: I first posted this over at Social Media Breakfast – Twin Cities. You can see that post for further discussion.

Hey friends, in light of Mykl’s “Supercharged Personal Branding” post, and the awesome presentation that Greg and Christopher gave on Reputation Management, I’ve been thinking about one little narcissistic thing lately: do you rank for your name? And if so…how many times?

Craig Key Search Results

Craig Key Search Results

I’ve been trying to grab more search real estate on my name craig key (did I mention I’m a narcissist?), but I’m having a hard time because there happens to be an island in the Florida Keys which is bold enough to go by that same moniker (and a judge in Oklahoma that wrote a book called “A Deadly Game of Tug o War”).

But I wanted to throw out a challenge: Own your name in the search results – so that others can’t.

For me, I rank for my facebook, twitter, blog and linkedin profiles. 4 out of 10. Not bad…but I’d rather have all 10. Ok, maybe I won’t take down Wikipedia (stupid island), but I could at least aim for 9 out of 10.

I have some thoughts on the subject (or tips, I guess), but I would rather hear from you first.

How many of the top 10 search results on your name do you control?
How do you think you can boost the rank of some profiles?

All of this is a fun test for your own name…but brands should be asking themselves the same questions, don’t you think?

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