Being Great at Something…

You know those jobs where you think to yourself I could do that? After all DJs on the radio just talk. Copywriters just “write words.” And photographers just “take pictures.”

My friends Alan and Naomi are wedding photographers, and last week I had the privilege of being an usher in a wedding that they photographed. I’ve known Alan, and Kyle (the groom) since I was in elementary school – so this wedding really meant something to me. When Naomi posted some of the pics on their blog yesterday, I was floored. The pictures were really meaningful to me because I was there – I watched all of it happen, and they are of people who are important to me.

Twin Cities Wedding Photographers

Seeing the pictures inspired me about the importance of striving for greatness. These two have sacrificed a lot so that this can become their full time profession, they’ve trained with other wedding photographers in the twin cities, and have taken on side-jobs to be able to buy the right equipment to do this right. Whatever your profession, hobby, or hobby which you hope to become a profession, strive for greatness at it. Sacrifice so that you can get better, and continue reaching higher all the time.

Go check out the rest of the pictures. I’m going to go try to figure out how to be great at something 🙂

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