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My Dogs Make Picture Frames

Look how entrepreneurial my puppies are! Lucy+Shelly have a new shop on Etsy. Ok, Amy helped a lot too. She’s using her talents and creativity and selling hand-painted (or hand ribboned) picture frames on etsy!
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Funnel Your Soup: Navigating Lead-Gen Marketing & B2B Sales

Most of you know that I’m a recovering sales rep turned marketer, but the more I learn about good marketing, the more I find myself thinking: I wish I knew this stuff when I was selling. Since I wish I knew … Continue reading

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No But Seriously, What is SEO?

Ok…yesterday was ridiculous. Derek stirred the pot, and more people seemed to give him high-fives, than question what he was saying. This means (not that it’s a huge surprise) that there are a lot of people out there with a … Continue reading

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Derek Powazek – I’ll Leave my “SEO is Evil” Comments Here

Hi Derek, Nice to “meet” you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You wrote quite an attention grabber yesterday about the Evils of SEO. You called people who work in this business “brainless” and “soulless,” and proposed that in stead … Continue reading

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Being Great at Something…

You know those jobs where you think to yourself I could do that? After all DJs on the radio just talk. Copywriters just “write words.” And photographers just “take pictures.” My friends Alan and Naomi are wedding photographers, and last … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Keywords Vs. Product & Brand Keywords

No, I’m not starting a shoe business. I was lucky enough to get the chance to share my thoughts on the MN AMA blog this week. Give the article a read (click on the image) and let me know what … Continue reading

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What advice would I give to a brand new e-commerce small business?

My friend sent me a message today through facebook, announcing that her new site was up and running. To be honest – often times when a “check out my new website” message comes out (not that I would ever do … Continue reading

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Do you own your name’s search results?

Note: I first posted this over at Social Media Breakfast – Twin Cities. You can see that post for further discussion. Hey friends, in light of Mykl’s “Supercharged Personal Branding” post, and the awesome presentation that Greg and Christopher gave … Continue reading

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Now Announcing…E-Z-Quote!

Hey web friends…this is what I did all weekend: The site is for a good friend of mine who has had an idea for some time about offering home remodeling (windows, sidng, roofing, etc) services without pushy sales reps. … Continue reading

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The Feeds are Coming…the Feeds Are Coming!!!

Hey Friends, I switched servers this weekend and the kind folks at Google reposted the last 25 or so blogposts into my feedburner feed. I know you probably appreciated having your inbox all full with stuff you’ve already read – … Continue reading

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