I swear, Adam Cozens must have written this game:

No seriously, who else could have made this?  Way to go adam!

(i took the game off the front page–if you really want it, click the more button)

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Wordle: more fun wasting time than ever!

Here’s a little fun for a Friday time waster…  Check out wordle.

In goes your website, blog, whatev…and out comes:

Yep the thuper-thmart wordle bots scan your site and grab all the words that are used the most and puts them in a nice cloud-like picture (does anyone else think it’s funny that “narcissist” made my list?).

So go on and play around!  I wonder what rockworms would look like…probably mostly swear words and “ADAM” and stuff.

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Attention Brands: This is how you get me to like you.

Some haters are all up on the comments section of this video on youtube:

They are calling it out as a viral ad campaign from Nike (which–I would say is pretty likely, considering the nicely cropped zoom in shot of the cool shoes with the swoosh logo about 40 seconds in), which apparantly means it has no value.

Seriously?  So would you rather watch :30 second advertisements that tell you why you should buy a product?  Come on…none of us like slick sales pitches (as our friend at Naked Religion pointed out this morning), and I for one enjoy watching cool videos online.  If those cool videos happen to have been created and paid for by a brand, that will actually make me like that brand more!

Another example is this video which is rumored to be a Gatorade ad:

In this case, it seems doubtful that it’s a Gatorade ad–I don’t see any branding, links, or anything else that would lead me to believe it’s from them.  But even if it is, I don’t care.  I don’t care if it’s an ad for Schlitz Malt Liquor–I still think it’s awesome!  And next time I’m in the mood for a beverage, I would be more likely to reach for the brand that made this video than the one that didn’t.  Seriously.  I would.

It’s dangerous (or stupid?) to open up to comments on a blog that no one reads, but what do you think?  Do me a favor and link to some of your favorite viral videos ever in the comments–and you get bonus points if you can prove they were sponsored by a brand.

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Crazy seo idea for freetibet.org: link to it with “olympics” as the anchor text.


Half of you (which would be 2 of you) don’t know what that means…but I just found a post about using SEO (search engine optimization) powers for good, and I thought it was a pretty sweet idea.  So here is the deal:

If you post a link to a site, you have to have “anchor” text–this is the text that you actually click on.  For instance: really awesome guy.  You’ll notice that clicking on the text “really awesome guy” takes you right back to my homepage–which is probably where you were anyway.

One of the ways that search engines bots try to figure out what sites are about is by looking at the anchor text from links going to that site…so I just gave google a clue, that craigsanatomy.com is about “really awesome guy.” (I will laugh so hard if I end up ranking for that search term).

OK…enough with the lesson, what Stephan Spencer was suggesting in the above mentioned blog post was that we get the site freetibet.org, ranking high for the keyword “olympics.”  How do we do it?  I just did it.  We put links to that site using the word olympics.

So how do you do that?  If you have a blog, try adding it to your blogroll (see the link on mine to the right?).  You are probably using some sort of editor which lets you make links (the button on mine looks like three chain links–“linked” together).  But if you are not, you can copy and paste this html code into your site (this is handy for myspace, and other sites that don’t have html formatting helpers).

<a title=”olympics” href=”http://www.freetibet.org”>olympics</a>

See?  That isn’t so hard is it?  Ok…go on now–free tibet everyone!  We only have a couple weeks till the big games, so we need to get crackin.

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25 Years: Ok, I’ll reflect

Today, I think I’ll start telling people how old I am.  I mean, I think 25 is respectable…isn’t it?  Not that I haven’t been respectable before now, in fact, I’ve always fancied myself to be a helluva guy (that’s the narcissist in me), but before today, when I was 24, or 23…or even when I first became a sales rep and I was 22.  I felt like I had to hide my age, or I "won’t get no respect."

But since this blog has a massive following, of at LEAST 3 readers, I think I’ll go ahead and make a list of 25 things…well, I’m not really sure what these are, but there will be 25 of them.  So here goes:

  1. Respect.  Aretha knew what she was talking about.  It’s everything.  Respect people.  Give them the same common courtesy that you would want.
  2. As awesome as Halo3, Rock Band, Wii Sports, and World of Warcraft may be, nothing has ever topped Mario 3 for NES.  And nothing ever will.
  3. Selflessness is important, and hard.
  4. Sales can be the easiest job in the whole company.  It can also be the hardest…often times it can switch with little notice.
  5. Sure, twitter may be a flash in the pan, and in 10 years I’ll look back and laugh…but it’s still really addicting and fun right now.
  6. Love = Selflessness.  For more on Selflessness, see #3.
  7. Marriage  (part A)= Great.  And so much different than I imagined it would be–but so much better too.
  8. Marriage (part B)= Having someone so close to you is like an unescapable mirror that always tells the truth.  You can hide yourself from the rest of the world, but your spouse knows the true you–and they still love you.
  9. Ok, I’m back on respect–but specifically in sales.  Have you ever been "pitched" to by someone who seemed to have an attitude like you were barely worth their time? …if you want to earn my business.
  10. Networking is great, but go for quality over quantity (a little of both won’t hurt).
  11. Exercise is good.  I am a strong supporter, and I really admire those who do it.

Ok…I failed to come up with 25 things–but not because I don’t have 25 important things, just because I’m lazy.  This is only ten things (or is it eleven…my "1,2,3…" seems to have been replaced with strange punctuation marks?).  It’s the end of the work day on my 25th birthday, and I think I’ll cut out 5 minutes early to have some dinner with the fam.

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I might just be endorsing a Microsoft product?!?!?

Ok, so if you know me very well, you know that I don’t generally like “Big Computer” (aka Microsoft) and its products.  I would rather not have to restart my PC 5 times a day, and I also don’t like paying large sums of money for software that is available elsewhere open-source style.  Plus…from my limited knowledge of web design, servers, and Content Management Systems…Big Comp. is just plain annoying to try to work with (ASP?  Please!).  So I’m a mac fan, an open source fan, and a bit of a linux geek too.

BUT…as you know part of my job  at  5 Alarm Music, is to manage and edit the blog (plus I write here, and on rockworms every now and then).  We’re using WordPress, which I would give a B+ because it’s simple, easy to use, and generally very bug-free (except for line breaks–geez I hate that I can’t get hard line breaks!).

However, even I don’t enjoy having to log on and use the WSIWYG editor within wordpress.  It’s decent, but not great, and even though it autosaves every few minutes, if I loose Internet connection while writing, I risk loosing my post!

Mkay…so to quit rambling,  and get to the point: this morning I read a post from a new blogger I’m reading (he writes about communications and IT in churches!), and he promoted Windows Live Writer.  It’s really pretty nice!  I can draft posts offline, and the editor is truly  WSIWYG, because it analyzes the style from my blog, and emulates it; so my posts actually look just like they will once they’re published.

Well Big Computer, you may have won this battle, but you haven’t won the war (for my heart)…yet!

PS Whatever happened to Microsoft Buying Yahoo! anyway?

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This was the peak of my fame:

This is so awesome.  I just randomly found an article about the old band which has two major things going for its awesomness:  1) They spelled my name wrong (I actually think my bandmates didn’t know my name was “Key” not “Keys”) and 2) The picture on the article isn’t even us!  Oh joy.  Gotta love college newspapers.  Man, must not have been anything exciting going on.  Or else Rob (Ham) was just smooth enough to talk one of the kids into doing a writeup on us.

Here you go, enjoy: Musicians Offer More than Rock; Offer Message

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Amy makes Baby Wade Cry

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Wade Tomas Sturlaugson!

Wade Tomas Sturlaugson was born yesterday (May 13, 2008) at 4:38pm. He weighed in at 8lbs 11oz and is 22″ tall!  Mom, dad, and baby are all doing well.

It was a pretty awesometastic experience!  Here are a few pictures, but there is a bunch more pictures and videos (I’m in trouble for shooting video when people didn’t know it) here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craigsanatomy/sets/72157605049010915/




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I look funny.

Just upgraded to the new wordpress (using the automatic upgrader), and all is good in the hood–except the page looks a little funny.  I’m too lazy to play with the CSS right now.  So both of you readers can just deal with it for now.


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