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Now Announcing…E-Z-Quote!

Hey web friends…this is what I did all weekend: The site is for a good friend of mine who has had an idea for some time about offering home remodeling (windows, sidng, roofing, etc) services without pushy sales reps. … Continue reading

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I might just be endorsing a Microsoft product?!?!?

Ok, so if you know me very well, you know that I don’t generally like “Big Computer” (aka Microsoft) and its products.  I would rather not have to restart my PC 5 times a day, and I also don’t like … Continue reading

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Wild Turkey

I’m in Brady, TX right now.  It’s 4am and I can’t sleep, yesterday was an interesting day–thought I’d share: 4:30 am  Dad picks me up to go to the airport.  We’re flying to San Antonio to go Turkey Hunting with … Continue reading

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Ok so today I have officially switched from blogger to wordpress. I’ve been working with a consultant (must plug Tom Parish), at work who is helping us to build a stronger web presence for 5 Alarm Music . Since we … Continue reading

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Go Daddy Go!

So obviously the new domain is working now. I guess I can’t whine about GoDaddy since they actually called me to see if I needed any help. The guys spent some time walking me through everything, and now it seems … Continue reading

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Ok,so yesterday I was trying to get my blog on, and I kept getting this lovely note from our friends at blogger:After a while I thought I’d get clever and skirt around the folks at Google (who own Blogger–if you … Continue reading

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My First Mobile blog.

Hey. It’s me again. Turns out i can blog from my phone. It’s probably not all that important since i’m sitting right next to my pc…but imagine if i was on a road trip or something? Ok. I’m done. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Life. How about it?

It’s interesting…that’s for sure. We live, we love, we cry, we blog while we should be working. I’ve always wanted to take up writing. But now I’ll just have to settle for the pop culture craze that is blogging. Maybe … Continue reading

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